Thank you for interest in enrolling into Sunrise Rotary's Fly A Flag program!  Annual subscription is $55 for four flag deployments: Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day and Veterans Day.  The fee is pro-rated if you are enrolling after Memorial Day:
Prior to Memorial Day:                          $55.00 enrollment fee
After Memorial Day, prior to July 4:        $41.25 enrollment fee
After July 4, prior to Labor Day:             $27.50 enrollment fee
After Labor Day, prior to Veterans Day:  $13.75 enrollment fee
If you wish to pay online, please click on "New Customers" on the left side of this screen and follow the instructions.  Please note that incremental service charges for debit/credit card transactions will be added to the above enrollment fees.  If you wish to pay by check, please click on "Pay By Check", print out an application form and remit a check to the address on the form.    Thank you for your support of our Fly A Flag program!